Amy & Chris came from a town not far from these parts. A town with a bit more people in it and stranger ones coming in everyday. Chris was born to immigrate parents from Germany while Amy’s are good ole wholesome Midwest folks that originated from Kentucky. We lived in Colorado for a bit running a successful business and enjoying a grand state. With its mountains majesty to its rollin’ plains. It was our home. That is until hordes of unknowns kept coming in. There are to this day beautiful parts and down right genuine, kind people but the whole of it has become to much for our comfort. So we hitched up our wagon and went further northwest to a place we heard was more beautiful and less crowded. These wagon wheels encountered every rut, stone, trench and water crossing imaginable. Our ancestors would be proud.

We believed in the quest of finding our promised land from the very beginning those eleven months ago, but never did we reckon on the storm that lied ahead. And the path it created for us so we may reap its reward.

From the moment our eyes closed dreaming of our future to the day of opening, the trail was filled with unrelenting bliss and fortune to downright gut wrenching sorrow. Or at least the realization of knowing the term “to big fur yur britches”!

Our heads swelled up like watermelons thinking of how we could bring our love of travelin’ and knowledge of pure customer service and great food to our fellow man. From the get-go the plans for creating a place for all to come and rest their weary bones, for pullin’ up their wagon, watering their horses and enjoying eaches company was a mighty wind. But we dug in believing no matter what hardships we were willing to encounter. We threw out everything we had (including the dowry) to get this thing up the mountain but in doing so we realized the entanglement of that grand staircase we were about to ascend.

After numerous days, weeks and months we decided to go back a few miles and take a different road. Now mind you this here Road had just as many ruts and stones but it wasn’t as steep. Or so we thought. The nail biting, gut wrenching passage was still to come, but the outcome was our promise land and the people that lived in it.

This new road we found had many a character’s along the way. And the costumes they were a wearing all had there twists. But their corsets were tight and them britches were strung up, so moving ahead would only be a matter of hard work and keepin’ our nose to the grind stone.

So eleven months and another 31 days later we finally made it. Where history and its past tell their story. A future with many possibilities. Where big sky meets mountains high. Treasures abound, love all around. Welcome to Montana. Noxon that is. Welcome to our new home and our dream.  The Noxon Mercantile & Cafe in Noxon, Montana!!

We hope you find us along yur travels and see what we believe is paradise among the pines. A place where you can come hang your coat and hat. Sit next to the fire and sip some hot coffee. Have some homemade sweets, breakfast or lunch. Hand dipped ice cream and deli. Old fashion candies, sarsaparilla and Made in Montana gifts. Amy will be there ready to greet you at the door, while Chris will be busy in the kitchen whippin’ up some of the best food you’ll ever have this side of the Clark Fork River. See ya soon!